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Sales Outsourcing

Sales outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external organization to sell for a company as a virtual expansion of their own sales force, or as its sole sales force. Outsourced sales firms hold quotas, report all results, and are accountable just as the client's internal divisions would be.  The benefits are in yielding better results, scalability, predictability, market penetration and access to systems and market reach otherwise not immediately available.  We sell as "branded" representatives for our clients -- usually indistinguishable from the company's own sales reps from the customer's view.

If you have been hitting brick-walls with client acquisition, dread the sales process, can’t find leads, hate picking up the phone, then pick up the phone and call us. It will be the last sales call you make.

Sales Outsourcing removes the anxiety and pressure that a business experiences, by "lifting" that responsibility off the shoulders of the client, and onto the "broad" shoulders of the Lease A Sales Rep team.

Stop looking at your competitors as they grow their businesses, because they have sales people and existing relationships. 

Create your own path, use us to get you more business. We will establish those relationships you are seeking, get sales in the door and your competitors will be looking at you. Call us, to chat.

Lease A Sales Rep is a company with a local presence, but a national footprint. Headquartered in North Carolina, we have been recognized by industry professionals, partners, and clients, as “Top Gun” producers with sales teams that average 7 years of experience in multiple verticals. 

We yield results for our clients

Our Sales Outsourcing model allows you to focus on the execution of closed deals, while we focus on securing you more qualified leads, qualified appointments with decision makers, and closing sales for you over the phone or face to face across the U.S.

We are a frequent INC. 5000 honoree, designated as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S. Our clients grow an average of 10-30% year over year when using our sales teams.

We develop unique sales programs to help our clients penetrate new verticals, enter new markets, re-engage old clients, and upsell existing clients.

We are your sales force - an extension of your business.

Pick up the phone, send us an e-mail, do something. Reach out today.

Corporate Office @919-827-0019. Or email us at


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