3 More Sales Outsourcing Tips to Grow Revenue

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Sales Outsourcing Tips to Grow Revenue

Look at your Inner Game. This is your thought process and confidence level. As a sales person you have to have the mindset you will get told NO and you have to sift through all the NOs before you find a yes. Even the best sales people in America get hung-up on, yelled at and told no. You can't let it get you down. You have to have nerves of steel and be willing to dig deep.

Secondly, look at your outer game, these are the activities that you execute to get sales. Make sure you are fine tuning your sales techniques and closing styles. You need to practice, practice, practice to get better. The more you practice the comfortable you'll be in tough situations. These activities also include the things like how you follow up after a sale, your customer service skills and the way you network. Sometimes the best way to grow your bottom line is by using a outsourcing sales company.

Lastly, be action oriented. Make decisions quickly and implement them. Stop sucking your thumb and beating around the bush. Just do it!

Gilbert Pagan
Lease a Sales Rep

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