Venture CapitalIt may be hard to imagine, but 90% of startups fail. If you are currently starting to work with a new venture, don’t panic but really think about it. Ask yourself, does this startup have what it takes to be a real business? We know the startup world, like the seed capital world, is cut-throat, risky, and expensive. The cost of acquiring a new customer is higher than it has ever been.

At Lease A Sales Rep, we are determined to never let your ventures or startup investments fail because of a failure to sell your product. Outsourcing your sales team has many benefits that can help combat some of the top reasons why most startups fail within the first year.

What are the top 3 reasons startups fail?

  • They make a product that no one wants
    • In today’s world, there is a market for almost everything. And as an investor, you already believe in the products you have invested in or you wouldn’t have invested. But at the end of the day, not every product is a winner. We know that it’s not a good feeling to see your investment fail. After all, your objective is to see a return on the seed capital given to the startup. Many startup products and services fail because of their positioning, not necessarily because people don’t want them. Think about it this way, if the Snuggie had been positioned to anyone but the infomercial audience, it would not have been the success it was. The startup world is all about correct positioning. Outsourcing your sales to an experienced sales team can help you refocus your sales position and start bringing in the orders you wanted to see from the beginning. Failure to position your investment correctly can end any company very quickly. When you work with us, we take a look at your business and give you real-time, realistic estimates for where we can help grow your sales.
  • The business runs out of funds
    • Paying an in-house team to sell products or services has a high cost to it. You have to think about salary, benefits, and bonuses. The list can give any entrepreneur a headache. When you outsource, you don’t have to worry about any of that. As an investor with venture capital funding to give, you want to see a quick return on your investment. Outsourcing sales can give you the best chance of seeing a return quickly. One of the biggest benefits is you don’t have to focus on training a new sales staff. Instead, you gain a team that is ready to go in a fraction of the time.
  • Failure to put the right team together
    • Although this step applies to more than just a sales team, having the right people on your side is key. Failure to put the right team together can be detrimental to a startup. But we know that resources are scarce. Outsourcing can be a great way for a startup to gain the skill sets they need to increase productivity almost instantly. Our outsourced sales team can be a huge advantage to your business. We have worked across many industries over the years and we understand the unique challenges new businesses experience. We have been in your shoes and are prepared to help grow your sales.
    • One thing that is potentially worse than not having a team in place is putting the wrong people on the team. As an investor, you are usually investing in the idea andthe people. When you have a person who is not as passionate as you are, it can really start to weigh down the business. This is especially true when this person is a sales representative. In the startup world, you get one shot to make a first impression. If your sales rep is leaving a bad taste in potential customer’s mouths, it can mean the end to your business and lost funds to you as an investor. This is where our experienced sales team can really help. We bring credibility to your business and brand and can deliver strong results.

When it comes to lead generation and developing a sales process, we have already been there. At Lease A Sales Rep, we offer our clients the ability to get into markets they never imagined.

Why not let our team handle the sales so that you can continue to focus on growing your portfolio?

If you are ready to ensure that your startup is a part of the 10% that succeeds, contact us today to learn how we can help make that possible!

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