3 simple responses to overcome common objections

outbound telemarketingWe all get them. From outbound telemarketing, to trade show meetings, in the sales process people will have common objections to doing business with you. The foundation of most objections is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of you, fear of failure and fear of making a wrong decision.

In all my years of cold calling and making outbound telemarketing calls, I've learned several things to help overcome these fears. Check out the 3 following responses. They will help you move more sales down the funnel and eventually close more.

  1. Common Objection: We have a current vendor that we are happy with. Or, our current vendor has been with us for 50 years.

Response: I appreciate that you are happy and loyal to your current vendor. Would you like to know what that “loyalty” is costing you? I can shed some light on that with no commitment to do business. How does that sound?

  1. Common Objection: I need to speak with my partners, management, board, mom, grandma.

Response: Ok, thanks I can appreciate that. Based on what you have heard, what do you think they will say? Do you think that our program/products/services would make sense? Are you on board with what I shared?

  1. Common Objection: I like what you have to offer, let me think about it.

Response: Ok. I understand. If you don’t do this (buy or use service or product) now, what will you do in the interim? If you don’t choose us, and go with another vendor when will that be?

These responses place the prospect in a position to re-evaluate their own responses to you. If they are truly interested, the responses they provide will be genuine. Through these answers you will get a better feel on where they are in the sales buying cycle.

If they hem and haw, they are probably not a hot prospect at this time, or you are talking to the wrong person.

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