3 Tips for Trade Show Follow Up

Three tips to help you get the most out of your "event spend" through better trade show follow up.

Tip #1 Trade Show Follow Up – Clean Your Data

While trade show lead capture solutions have improved significantly in recent years, it is often a challenge to ensure that all the data that is important to you is captured when you scan a lead. Even if your team does a great job of adding additional fields on the scanner to capture critical information like—how hot, warm, or cold the lead is; or if the contact is a decision maker; & what other solutions they are using or evaluating, etc.—there is often a lot of clean up to do when you get back to the office.

So the first step when you return back home—or even better, if you can start the process while your team is at the conference—is to start scrubbing your list. Identify duplicate scans, identify if the contact or account already exists in your database, and if so append the existing contact or account with the data you have from the event. Also, identify if you are missing critical information that will impede your follow up success, phone numbers or industry for example. If so, consider appending your data using a third party tool, a few to consider are Zoominfo, SalesPredict, Hoovers.

Tip #2 Trade Show Follow Up - Strategy

Before you even leave for the trade show, plan out your follow up strategy. You’ll want to send at least one email from marketing within days of the event, thanking people for stopping by your booth, and reminding them of your message to trigger who you are and why they stopped by.

Remember they probably visited several other sponsors at the show, not to mention a handful of sessions and parties, so consider adding something to help jog their memory—for example, a photo of your booth, a video of the in-booth presentation you gave.

Also, make sure you have an agreed upon qualification process established to determine which leads you’ll send to sales. Establishing this upfront will give you a chance to think about the data filters you’ll want to apply and the types of data you’ll need to collect during the event if possible.

Tip #3 Trade Show Follow Up – Train Your Sales Reps

Depending on the conference and who your company sends to work your booth, you may have a situation where the sales reps following up with trade show attendees aren’t the same people they met onsite. Make sure to bring continuity to the situation for the prospect by properly training your sales reps.

Sales leaders, invite your marketing lead and a few of the booth staffers to your sales meeting to share key takeaways from the event. Also spend time walking through the suggested live script and voicemail script with your sales team. And finally, make sure your CRM serves up triggers for your sales rep so they know the reason the lead is coming up for a call back is because they visited our booth at a recent event and talked to your colleague - If you can put the talking points or script directly into the CRM, even better.

We will call those leads, pre-qualify them, and give you prospects that are interested. We can even set up the appointment!

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