3-tips-to-boost-your-imageHere are three great tips you can implement in your business right away:
Start with great sales people.
You might be thinking, “What kind of tip is this, telling me that I need great salespeople?”

I know you already know this. But, you should take a serious look at your sales force this week. Have a colleague of yours go into your business or call the sales line and inquire about your products or services. If your colleague is 100% totally honest, I bet you’ll find that he or she is dissatisfied with the level of service received.

Your business makes money when your salespeople make a sale. That means that great salespeople will make MORE sales, which will put MORE money in your pocket. However, you are not entitled to make a sale. You have to work for it, and if your sales team is not doing the job, they are essentially taking money OUT of your pocket.

Make sure you monitor your salespeople to see if they have a desire to make the sale. If not, get rid of them. There are plenty of people looking for jobs who WILL make the sale to keep their paycheck coming in each month.

Be active toward customers.
The Chinese are experts at selling and have a huge desire to make the sale. Every store you go into typically has a wonderful sales person. They ask if you need any help immediately. If we picked anything up, they would make a comment like, “That is very good quality and I can make you a good price on it today.” They wanted to make the sale and they wanted to make it now. They were active towards their customers to make it happen.

By contrast, you can walk into 10 different stores here in the U.S. and only find one or two salespeople who genuinely want to make a sale. Too often you can walk into a store and not even be greeted by the salespeople. Which type of employee would you rather have working for you? The ones who can’t even say “hello” or the ones who put an active effort into selling your product?

Attract potential customers.
Are you asking your customers how you can better serve them? Are you asking them what else they need? Are you “standing at the door” asking them to come in and telling them you’d like to help them? If not, you are losing sales! You can’t just cross your fingers and hope customers come to you. If you’re not directly making sales yourself, you need to manage your sales force effectively with the same principles.

Now that you have been educated, what are you going to do to increase your sales?

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