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Surprised? Many will be. There is a push in the B2B marketplace around inbound marketing. Many platforms exist to help generate interest in your service offering via blogging and white papers to highlight a few and pushing them out to you prospects. Not necessarily bad. In the same paragraph sometime you will see that “outbound” prospecting is dying, cold calling is dead. You get the picture. Bear in mind, they may be pushing their own products.

This article, by an independent source, has verified what we lead generation companies have known all along … that outbound prospecting is alive and well, and thriving.


You will notice the 1st 4 highlighted involve a “human touch”. You can’t get that from a blog or white paper. Sure, if a prospect reads your article, they may call or email you. That’s good. But you still need to reach out, that involves a human body. We are not at the robotics level yet. AHEM…

But as part of that inbound marketing process and also independent of it, you need to be performing outbound prospecting activities.

All Lead Generation Companies Are Different

Some of these guys are out to bamboozle you, other, like Lease A Sales Rep, try to build a long lasting relationship with clients. If you need us, we are one of the top lead generation companies in the United States. We’re here to help you get more qualified leads, appointments, demos and close more sales. Give us a call to learn more.

Go get em.

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