4 Ways that Businesses Grow

There are 4 ways that most businesses use to grow their sales. All of these tactics are a targeted at an expected result.  For example, our appointment setting services are the key outcome desired by calling would-be customers.

They are:

  1. Networking
  2. Marketing
  3. Referrals
  4. Calling (e.g., our appointment setting services)

It's interesting that the first 3 options, require that someone else do something.

# 1 requires that the person you are networking with connect you to another person, unless they are your potential customer. Not the case most of the time.

#2 requires that you invest in marketing strategies whatever that is for you, advertising, mail, e-mail, internet,  to tell the customer you exist. Again you have to wait till they contact you.

#3 referrals also requires that someone else send you a referral, when they are ready.

#4 is the only one where you have control. You pick up the phone, talk to someone, pitch them if possible, get an e-mail address, etc. You start the process and follow-through. At least, this is what we do when delivering our appointment setting services. You get the point?

Stop sucking your thumb.

Do you want to be in control, or dependent on others?

Need help?? Call us.

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