5 Expert Social Media Marketing Tips for 2017

social-media-phone We've rounded up some experts on social media marketing and asked them where people should be looking. The result: 5 essential tips every marketer can benefit from following - here they are.
1. Create More Video Content
Due to advances in both technology and network connectivity, video is more popular than ever. With established players like YouTube and Netflix leading the way demand for video content is at an all-time high - so why not use it to your advantage and produce some exciting video content. People would prefer, when possible , to look at a video more often than reading an article.
2. Social Media Marketing Is Going Mobile
Smartphones and tablets have also become increasingly popular, a fact that hasn’t been lost on IT giants such as Google and Facebook, which both now favor websites and pages which feature responsive, mobile-friendly design. But, social media marketers need to pay attention to new platforms which are performing well on mobile and make the most of them when figuring out their new marketing campaign.
3. Make Your Marketing Efforts More Focused
The most successful marketers often say that one of the reasons that they've made it big is because they've focused their advertising efforts to target specific audiences, instead of trying to convince everybody about their products. Audience targeting ensures you'll get the most out of your marketing dollars, and direct your effort where it will breed best results.
4. Influencer Marketing Is All the Rage
Influencer marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend of them all - and for a good reason. People are looking for genuine opinions and reviews by real people before they make decisions on purchases, and influencers - the people they already follow and trust, fit that mold perfectly.
5. Content Is Still King
Providing high-quality content for your audience and potential customers should still be at the top of your list, because of the major role it can play in how you communicate with your readership and get your message across. Great content attracts people organically, and they stick around for much longer.
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