5 Reasons Why sales people fail

Making a lot of money in sales isn’t easy. Not everyone can handle the pressures of the job, and many of those who give it a shot end up quickly leaving with their tail between their legs. Here are some reasons.
  1. Not Listening
Being a good listener is probably the most overlooked sales skill of all. Many sales reps spend far too much time talking, and nowhere near enough time listening to what the customer truly wants. If you listen attentively, and pay attention, the customer will tell you everything you need to know in order to close the deal.
  1. Not understanding value proposition
Sales is all about creating value. Many sales reps don’t understand this concept, and instead try to pressure the customer to complete the transaction instead of building up the value of whatever it is you’re selling to the customer. In order to build value, you must understand what your product offers that creates that value.
  1. Inconsistency
If you’ve ever worked in sales, you’ve almost certainly worked with sales reps who go from the top of the board one month to struggling for deals the next, part of a vicious cycle. Those who last in sales, understand that consistently producing is the key to a successful sales career and the constant up and downs can make sales feel more stressful than it already is.
  1. Lack of follow up
It’s amazing how many sales reps give up after only one or two follow-ups to a lead, or a prospect that they’ve already pitched. Research has shown that it typically takes between 8-12 follow-up calls to close a deal, so sales reps who don’t hit those numbers are doing themselves and their sales careers huge disservice. These touch points are different if a sales rep has chosen to disqualify the opportunity.
  1. Not setting daily goals
Every salesperson has a sales goal that’s set by the company. But not every salesperson sets achievable daily or weekly goals for themselves in order to achieve the bigger goal. If you want to close a certain number of deals per month, it will take measurable daily activity to get there: prospecting, calling, pitching, and following-up. If you don’t get in the habit of setting smaller daily goals, you won’t come anywhere near hitting the bigger ones.
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