sold imageWe read an article in INC magazine and thought it was pretty good. We summarized it for you in some of our words. We agree with most of the points, but disagree with others. For some its a matter of style, for us its a matter of time. Time has a real cost.

The 5 tips for closing the sale are:

1. Have a CRM
2. Be knowledgeable
3. Find a connection with the prospect
4. Meet face to face
5. Follow-up

1. We agree that a CRM is needed to track conversations and next steps in the sales process. Spreadsheets are cumbersome and you can loose track easily of where you are in the sales process, ie; how many calls, emails, meetings, etc.

2. Being knowledgeable is important, but you don’t have to be Einstein. Just know enough about the solution and how it addresses customers needs, pain points and makes their lives better, saves them money etc.

3. Finding a connection or common ground is good, but not really required. We disagree here.If you have something to sell, present it, discuss how it addresses a need, discuss pricing, move to close. The timeline of how this happens varies, but you get the point.

4. Meeting face to face is also good, when possible and only if what you are selling is worth the type of time involved in a face to face meeting, ie; high ticket item, long contract value. Not worth it for low ticket items. So this depends. Your time is valuable.

5. Following up is key. Be consistent and methodical, until you close them or get an answer. If you don’t get an answer, hit them hard according to your follow-up protocols then close them out and move on.

Here is the link to the article.

Close em..