6 Tips to sell more IT services and products

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Do you need to sell more IT products, or services? These sales outsourcing services tips will help get your bottom line and boost sales. With the holidays approaching, these tips could save your quarterly profits.

1. Play with perception of high prices. There’s a reason most prices end in “9” or “95”: They seem less expensive than rounding up to the next full dollar. There are several ways to manipulate perception to make your high-priced product or service a little more accessible. For example, it’s helpful simply to remove the $$ from the posting or price tag if you have a product that is labeled. Believe it or not this helps you in closing sales.

2. Introduce a new item that’s priced even higher. Providing a higher price point for comparison, sometimes called “anchoring,” makes the original item’s price seem lower. Anchoring works because the new, higher-priced item changes customers’ expectations and perception of value where the original product is concerned. A classic example, are SaaS products that offer all the bells and whistles @ 499.00 per month, where-by a trimmed down version costs 299.00 per month. With the incremental cost being insignificant going from 299.00 to 499.00. Its very much like retail stores that raise prices before a sale, only to discount it to get what they really want. It’s a sales strategy.

3. Break the high price into incremental payments. Another way to make a high price seem lower is to frame it in smaller increments. For example, $347.88 per year may seem like a lot to pay for a yearly Wall Street Journal. That’s the actual price, but when it’s sold as $28.99 a month, it comes across as more affordable.

4. State the high price in tangible terms. Make a high price seem lower by expressing it in the context of tangible goods your prospect is likely to appreciate and value. For example, if you compare the cost of your high-priced item to the cost of them buying it from another location and doing the install and customization, they will end up paying more, and will lose time. That extra time and money could be used by the client to assist in generating more leads, qualified appointments and sales. The idea is to bring your product into your prospect’s “comfort zone,” right next to products and services he or she already deems worthy.

5. Repackage the high-priced item to increase its perceived value. Make your product seem more like a bargain by packaging it in a way that increases its perceived value. For example, IT online back-up services could be bundled with free PC remote access services for end users and a free anti-virus software with a CRM. Whereby, this increases the value and you can close more sales.

Don’t want to create a bundle? Provide “social proof” that your price is reasonable. Gather and display testimonials, laudatory product ratings, and favorable data about your product— on the box, the shelf, or your website. If your price is slightly lower than the competition’s, display the prices side by side for comparison. All of this tends to “normalize” your high price and make it seem less onerous.

6. Tout the high-priced product’s long-term value. Many higher-priced products have more long-term value than their cheaper competitors. For example, vehicle-battery manufacturers tend to market their products by specifying both the price and the length of the warranty (which nearly always works out to be almost exactly how long the products last in service). So, a $100 battery that normally lasts for 60 months ($1.66/month) is a better value than a $75 battery that normally lasts for 36 months ($2.08/month).

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