9 Trends in IT Outsourcing to Watch in 2013

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9 Trends in IT Outsourcing to Watch in 2013 | Appointment Setting Services That Work

There are some very important trends to note for the IT Outsourcing industry in 2013. I have given you a summary below.

The full article can be viewed here. But from a sales perspective this is what we would deem to be important for you.


The question is:

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1. The overseas movement of IT services and programming is coming back to the U.S in full-force.

"U.S. development centers will enable companies to source work at competitive rates and yet still maintain a certain level of control, high quality, and communication”. Read between the lines: Businesses want providers in the U.S. and on their time-zones. They also want to meet with them. Prices are also coming down in the U.S.

2. Consultants will not be needed as much to manage the process, less layers. The issue here is many large IT Outsourcing clients usually hire a consultant to manage the process for them. Basically acting as an intermediary between them and the IT Outsourcing provider. They want fewer layers. This is not going to happen as much in 2013. But will be available. Cost is an issue and well as cutting red tape.

3. Flexible Pricing. This year customers are negotiating for-and getting-90-day payment terms. And that will become more common in 2013. "Customers are pushing very hard for this as a tight economy has customers managing cash flow at every opportunity. You will need to be capitalized.

4. Back-sourcing Blossoms. Low-level and routine tasks will remain with third-parties while higher value positions like capacity planning, architecture, and configuration management will move back in to local U.S based providers, or kept in-house.

There are a few options for you to address these issues and grab more leads, meetings and secure more contracts.

You will need to look at a different model to grow your business. If you think that you can continue to operate in the same way in 2013, and grow your business, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Let’s talk. Our contract sales force is ready to start your telemarketing campaign. Ask us about our appointment setting services and other sales outsourcing services.

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