A.I. artificial intelligence for lead generation

Artificial Intelligence or A.I. is a hot topic of conversation this year in the lead generation, appointment setting and the sales and marketing industries focused on using this technology for faster lead conversion and the integration of A.I. into the lead generation process.

A.I. for most people who know what this is, in its most common form, is usually the chatbot type of response you find on a website that you visit. The chatbot will pop up and ask you, “ How can I help you today” or “What brings you here today?” That chatbot has been programmed to mimic a human interaction and has been fed data on how a typical conversation with a visitor might occur.

Some A.I. focused chatbots seem very real and human, as they should. This is the goal. So the visitor or prospect has a seamless interaction and pleasant experience. Based on the response, the chatbot may forward the visitor to a FAQ’s page or may deem them qualified enough to speak to a sales rep. These tech solutions pre-qualify customers with a few questions before transferring them to human agents, bringing efficiency and cost savings.

A.I. for voice calls are typically encountered when you call a large organization (cell phone provider) and the general greeting may prompt you with yes/no questions that allows the system to guide you to the right person. The A.I. platform has also been fed typical interactions with customers to guide the caller to the right person or department.

All of these experiences are considered “inbound”, designated as such when a customer visits your site or they call you. They initiate the initial contact with your organization.

A.I is progressing fast to an outbound approach. If you are doing hundreds or thousands of outbound calls, A.I. can help if your conversational track with a prospect is generally the same and very easy. You can use A.I. for outbound business to consumer (B2C) calls to sell DME (durable medical equipment) think, catheters, or get leads for student loan consolidation. These examples can be programmed into A.I. to ask consumers 3 simple , yes/no questions , when answered correctly the platform will do a “warm transfer” to a sales rep on the same call. If you are doing nationwide calls, this can be a very efficient way to make the calls.

This may not be an option, at this time, for B2B (business to business) calls due to the fluid nature of those calls, and working around gatekeepers, IVR’s (interactive voice response) and voice mail trees. But there are some B2B companies using A.I. in specific scenarios.

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