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Pharmaceutical Project 1:

The U.S Division of a German pharmaceutical company was losing 50% of their new client base every year. Sales Reps were closing sales, but were not following up with end users to provide customer service on the product, and to secure reorders.

Lease A Sales Rep was engaged to contact a segmented portion of the client’s database of customers. They had not re-ordered product in the past 12 months. We were to tasked to complete a survey with the end users and secure a reorder during the contact. Our goal was to conduct a survey. Cost to the client $3,000.00.

The data set was slightly over 400 contacts.




Lease A Sales Rep was able to have conversations with 200 end users, leading to the completion of 102 surveys, slightly above 50% of the total spoken too. We were able to secure 6 additional reorders of product on the 1st call, revenue generated- $3,200. The gross sales covered the cost of our services.

As one of the top lead generation companies in the US, we were able to secure an additional 21 leads with end users. This established additional reorders at a later date. A portion of the remaining 100 contacts also lead to additional sales.

The surveys allowed for a comprehensive marketing plan and sales plan to be developed and provided valuable feedback to the sales department on areas for improvement, and to the manufacturer on challenges that the end users were facing with the product.

Pharmaceutical Project 2:

The U.S Division of a German Biopharmaceutical company operating in the dental field needed assistance in contacting oral surgeons and dental implantologist to secure reorders and new orders of their product.

Lease A Sales Rep was engaged to call on the client’s internal database at their location, with our sales reps. The sales program ran for 3 months.

The data set was slightly over 1300 contacts.


Unlike other lead generation companies, Lease A Sales Rep was able to generate over $25,000 in re-orders and new sales during the campaign. Cost to the client $7,500.00. Lease A Sales Rep contacted 1300 contacts, and stocked the sales pipeline with an additional 20 new orders from current, and new clients, that wanted to order product at a later date.

Our model worked so well, that it proved the concept that an inside sales team was needed to support the outside sales team.

Software Project:

A U.S. based marketing and public relations firm developed a software product to compete with Power Point. The software product was spun off to another division.

A Marketing Manager was hired by the client to oversee the division and to roll-out the software to the general market. The Manager had to manage marketing, perform web-demos, attend trade shows and perform day to day operations.

Lease A Sales Rep, one of the best lead generation companies, was engaged to provide sales support to this manager by cold calling marketing and advertising agencies through our call center operation to set face to face appointments with decisions makers, or arrange for a web-demo of the software. A secondary focus was to determine market receptivity to the solution through our calls.

We were provided with a list of 700 contacts to call across the Southeastern part of the U.S.


Lease A Sales Rep was able to arrange 42 face to face meetings and web-demos, resulting in 15 sales. We determined the market was seeking an alternative to Power Point for presentations.

The remaining 27 prospects that demonstrated interest were passed to the client to make additional calls and follow-up with e-mail campaigns to keep them engaged, for a purchase at a later date.

Web Development Project 1:

A U.S. based website development company wanted to grow their sales of websites to small auto parts businesses. They already employed an in-house sales staff, but wanted to add our staff on-site. Lease A Sales Rep assisted with further developing their call script, and their contact database to assure that the database was current and active. After testing the sales process, and executing some sales, we placed a full sales team at the client’s site.

As one of the best lead generation companies, we were provided with a list of 2000 contacts to call across the U.S., in all states.


Lease A Sales Rep was able to sell over 200 website development packages including hosting services to 200 auto parts stores. The highest sales in one (1) month was 72 websites.

After refining the sales process, scripts, and database cleanup, the organization expanded their call center operation to continue the momentum we generated.

Web Development Project 2:

A Canadian based website development company wanted to grow their sales of websites to small businesses. They offered a very affordable website package with hosting, but lacked the sales staff to make calls, generate leads, and close sales. This was a sole proprietorship. We also provided payment processing services.

Lease A Sales Rep secured a list of 800 contacts to perform cold calls to close sales across the U.S. and Canada.


Lease A Sales Rep was able to sell over 120 website development packages including hosting services. The highest sales volume in the history of the organization.

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