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Q? Can I afford your sales outsourcing services?


That depends on what you need. The Lease A Sales Rep model provides guaranteed results for a monthly investment with certain contract requirements. For a few thousand dollars per month, these programs can have you getting qualified leads, guaranteed appointments with interested decision makers and closed deals across the U.S. It’s really contingent on your sales goals.

We also have low cost entry level sales outsourcing services that start with simple lead generation. These are pay as you go programs. They are significantly different than our primary sales offerings. These programs make calls from a list and pre-screening prospects for you. With these lower cost programs it will be your responsibility to follow-up after we’ve made the initial contact with the prospect. For lower cost programs, that could fit within your budget, please visit

Q? Do you have a minimum engagement?


Yes. Our sales outsourcing services start with a minimum 4 month program. Although, the typical engagement is 6 months or longer. On a case by case basis, we have run 2-3 month programs. Shorter contracts are typically for well-defined project work.

Q? How do I pay for your sales outsourcing services?


Our sales outsourcing services are prepaid. We accept credit cards, ACH, wire transfers and company checks.

Q? Do you work on commission only sales?


No. We do not offer pay per performance, pay per lead, or pay per sale. But we get results.

Q? How do I know if your sales outsourcing services are right for my industry?


We have worked in many industries since 2003. So the possibility that we have worked within yours is very high. Generally, if we have not worked within your industry, there is usually a “sister” industry like yours where we have worked that will have similar characteristics

Q? How does the Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, & Tele-Sales programs work? They look similar.


Well-they are linked, and represent different stages in the sales process. Lead Generation is to prescreen and qualify a prospect and hence they become a lead. Appointment Setting would be the 2nd step in that process, whereby, we are requesting an appointment for your team to present a product or service, after they have been pre-qualified. The 3rd step is Tele-Sales, if your service or products allows it, we will close the sale over the phone. We then get credit card or invoicing information and pass that along to you.

Q? How does the outside sales program work?


Our outside sales reps are deployed in a particular market to meet with prospects on behalf of our clients. We are card carrying members of your organization. We perform the face to face visit, present the solution or product and close the sale on your behalf.

Our deployment of sales reps happens relatively quickly where we have existing branches or nearby branches, and in those locations where we have sales reps in the market. We also have sales reps across the U.S. in markets where we may not have a physical branch.

Q? How do we get started?


For our sales outsourcing services, we’ll need an executed agreement and a deposit. We’ll develop the call script and pull down our data for the campaign from our nationwide proprietary databases. We will jointly train and inform our sales reps on your product/service and start the campaign!

Q? How will you communicate with me during my campaign?


We will have regular conference calls or face to face meetings at one of our offices if you have representation in that market. You will also receive a monthly or bi-weekly report, along with frequent campaign update emails. The reporting frequency is contingent on the type of program we are running for you.