Most people need motivation and reminders to work out, head to the gym and eat right.

With our busy and often hectic lifestyles, particularly for those in sales, any apps that remind us to eat better and exercise can be a good thing.

Apple is working on an artificial intelligence-powered health coaching service and new technology for tracking emotions, its latest attempt to lock in users with health and wellness features. All in the hopes of keeping the consumer connected to their platforms.

The new coaching service — codenamed Quartz — is designed to keep users motivated to exercise, improve eating habits and help them sleep better, according to people with knowledge of the project. The idea is to use AI and data from an Apple Watch to make suggestions and create coaching programs tailored to specific users.

The move is part of a broader health push at the company, which has made such features central to its devices, especially the Apple Watch. Its latest efforts also include an expansion of the health app to the iPad and features that could help users with poor vision.

The tools for tracking emotion and managing vision conditions, such as nearsightedness, will be added to the health app this year. The initial version of the emotion tracker will let users log their mood, answer questions about their day and compare the results over time. But in the future, Apple is hoping the iPhone could use algorithms to determine a user’s mood via their speech, what words they’ve typed and other data on their devices.

Tracking mental health has gotten a lot more traction during and post covid. This is a good feature that can track potential deterioration in mental health status and allow time for intervention.

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