Are you talking to “NO PO’s” ? Prospects without decision making power?

  1. telemarketing firmsThey ask for a lot of information. More proposals, further revisions, they need to bring your info to a committee, or their boss for feedback. NO PO.
  2. You ask to include their boss in your next call, and they say they will present the info to him/her. NO PO.
  3. You ask for their bosses name and they skirt the issue. They will be your conduit. NO PO.
  4. When you call to follow-up they spend a lot of time with you. It could be 20 minutes on the phone. People with power don’t have that kind of time. NO PO.
  5. They want to sit in on a training you may be having. People with power don’t have that kind of time. NO PO.
  6. They make decision by committee. There is always a major decision maker. If the decision maker says No, no committee is going to resurrect the deal. NO PO.

Here are some numbers for you from telemarketing firms that employ sales forces.

  • 50% of deals are closed by sales people when a decision maker is identified.
  • 30% of deals are lost, due to a competitor having a better offering, or they (prospect) decide to go in another direction. Could be money issues or not the right time. They may be too early for your offering.
  • 20% of deals result in "No Decision".

The 20% of deals that have "no decisions" are due to sales people dealing with NO PO’s. The 30% of deals lost could become prospects again in the future.

Stay away from bad leads from imposter telemarketing firms and you'll stay away from NO PO’s.

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