B2B Sales Pro’s Turn to LinkedIn

linkedinThere are a number of reasons people use social networks. In particular, there's one B2B social network business types use most. And that social network is none other than LinkedIn. There are large corporations and small businesses on LinkedIn. There are telemarketing companies and folks that work for the FTC using LinkedIn. Regardless of your company's size, make up and/or industry; LinkedIn presents a great opportunity to interact with other business professionals.

We share with other telemarketing companies.

For example, it allows us to interact and share best practices with other telemarketing companies. There's no shortage of knowledge bodies and/or interest groups available to network members. You can interact at your own pace; however, don't expect to reap a harvest if you only plant a couple of seeds. In the previous example, it was important that we show value to the group prior to asking detailed questions of other telemarketing companies. No one likes to help or interact with a leech. So we dug deep, figured out how best to provide value, and started planting those seeds. That way when it came to questions like, "what type of telephone system do you all use" or "who's the best CRM for your practice" it was a no-brainer for other telemarketing companies to respond in genuine form. Give before you get. Same exact precepts that govern normal personal networking. The only difference with LinkedIn is you get the opportunity to network with others you might not have met otherwise. Geography is no longer an obstacle.

If you want to identify more leads, then you need to check on social media sites like LinkedIn to find the right decision maker. Yep, its alot of work. The good news is we can help. Click on the link for the full article or contact us and learn what makes us different than other telemarketing companies.


Gilbert Pagan
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