Best Sales Movies-Lease A Sales Rep

alec baldwin-sales picI truly enjoy a good movie. I tend to gravitate towards independent films vs. mass marketed movies. They tend to have better screenplays and more passionate actors. This is probably due to their desire to be noticed by larger and more powerful production companies and movie houses.

That said, some of my best sales movies are from lesser known producers, but some you will know.

By sharing this list, we are not condoning their sales practices.

I do like their work ethic, tenacity and focus. Some of their skills are also commendable. Some have strong language, which I don't approve of, but bring home the point. I placed them in my order of preference.

Here is the list:

1. Glengarry Glenn Ross

2. The Goods

3. Boiler Room

4. Jerry Maguire

5. Lords of the War

6 Money Ball (sales and recruiting)

7. The Pursuit of Happyness

Go buy them, watch them, have fun.

P.S, they are dominated by men. Although, 1 of them has a good female actress. I would like to see more with women.

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