Big Plans, Small Budget?

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Do your plans for 2015 include growing your business? Perhaps you are looking to expand into new markets or significantly increase your sales base. These plans are great goals for this year, but it takes time and often a number of people to accomplish these objectives. If you don’t have a budget surplus sitting on hand, how are you supposed to make this happen? The answer is easier (and less expensive) than you might think. How about using outsourcing sales companies to add the extra parts of your sales force that you need?

Thanks to the media, many people think of outsourcing at best as bad service and at its worst as a joke. While I’m sure you could find some examples where this is true, this is not the norm. With the right preparation and a good partner your experience can, and will, be completely different.

As your business grows, you have more customers and less time to devote to each of them. Left unchecked, customer service can quickly begin to decline leading to unhappy, and eventually lost, customers. In no time at all, your explosive growth can implode taking some of your longtime clients with it. You can't afford to let that happen. Take a careful look at your daily tasks. There are certain areas where you are clearly the best person for the job. There are likely other areas where you could train someone else to fill in. Since expenditures occur before you can realize the profits from your growth, most businesses can't afford to bulk up their in-house staff to meet their increasing needs. Outsourcing these tasks can provide all the benefits of an extended workforce without all the costs. Additionally, partnering with the right company for outsourcing can reduce the worries and headaches often associated with adding staff.

Lease A Sales Rep is the perfect partner when you need sales help. We provide a variety of services including lead generation, appointment setting, tele-sales, inside sales, outside sales, trade show lead follow up, inbound call center, and services Espanol. Whatever your sales force needs include, Lease A Sales Rep has got you covered. All of our services can be customized to meet your specific needs. Worried about committing to something you've never tried? Don’t be. Lease A Sales Rep offers contracts for as few as 4 months. Using outsourcing sales companies probably costs a lot less than you'd expect as well. Run the numbers on what it would cost you to add just one additional full-time member to your team. Now think about how many people you actually need and multiply that new number by your previous figure. When you’ve got that number, give us a call to find out just how reasonable our rates are in comparison.

Remember, working with outsourcing sales companies isn't an all or nothing proposition. You can hold on to those aspects of your sales cycle that you feel best suited to manage and let us take care of the rest. Don't get bogged down following up on leads that aren't worth your time. Of course, you never know which leads will pan out but you should be free to focus your energy on the ones that have already been vetted for you.

Outsourcing Sales Companies Can Help You!

Need more convincing that Lease A Sales Rep is the right partner for you? Check out some of our customer testimonials. We have worked with a variety of industries so chances are that we are already familiar with your niche. Visit our industries page to learn more about the types of companies that we have already helped achieve sales success. Check out our Facebook page for weekly tips and tricks. Contact Lease A Sales Rep today to find out what we can do for your company.

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