B2b Cold Calling Outsourcing
Given the growth of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with many choices of lead generation platforms plus inbound lead tools for businesses, this question comes up quite often. Can outsourcing B2B cold calling actually work?

One of the benefits of actually calling prospects is you can be very focused on who you’re trying to reach. You can target by decision maker, industry and location, like Texas. With inbound tools for the most part you can’t control who calls you or completes a form on your site. So you have to process those leads and qualify them. This of course takes time and resources, only to realize many are not qualified. Overall, it is easier to process inbound leads as a whole, versus cold calling (more effort), as you can do some research on the lead prior to calling them or responding via email.

Using the phone is still a very powerful tool when combined with a targeted data set of decision makers and industry verticals that fit your ideal client profile. Mix in some emails to these targets and social hits, now you have a higher likelihood of success in getting that initial conversation, a meeting, working up a quote and a closing a deal. Outsourcing B2B cold calling, or warm calling given you may have hit them with an email or social ping prior to reaching out pushes you ahead of the competition. Many competitors are not calling prospects, as they are solely relying on inbound leads, or doing social media work that leads to inbound calls. A call that is made on the backend of these activities pushes you ahead of your competitors. It does take more work, and you may get more rejections, but you will also get more hits than others who are not doing it.

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Outsourcing B2B cold calling can be very successful, efficient and cost effective, depending on what you’re selling and the average cost of the sale and lifetime value of a client.
Certain industries do well with cold calling as the decision makers are accessible and there’s good data available on them, along with the best methods to reach them. We have these types of tools and industry insights to connect to ideal decision makers in quite a few industries we serve.

If this is something you would like to talk through to determine if outsourcing B2B cold calling is an option, reach out to us to have a discussion.

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