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5 Reasons Why sales people fail

Making a lot of money in sales isn’t easy. Not everyone can handle the pressures of the job, and many of those who give it a shot end up quickly leaving with their tail between their legs. Here are some reasons. Not Listening Being a good listener is probably the most overlooked sales skill of all.…
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If your outbound sales staff is struggling to cold call and set appointments, your department is not alone. Cold calling is a strenuous task that often has a low success rate. The goal is supposed to be nurturing leads in an effort to transition them into a sales conversation with your reps, yet getting that…
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How to Ask for the Appointment and Get the Initial Meeting

The way you ask for the appointment with a decision maker could determine whether you'll make a sale. Be sure you get it right. One way to look at selling is as a series of closes--each of which moves the opportunity to the next step. Probably the most important close (as well as the one…
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Is Outsourcing the Right Answer?

Many business owners question whether or not outsourcing sales and appointment setting services is the right answer for their company. The answer really depends on the future goals of your business. Are you experiencing significant growth? Are you looking to grow your business? Either scenario can leave you and your employees stretched thin. When too…
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