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What is Non-Negotiable?

You have heard the saying that everything is negotiable? You see this slogan a lot in the sales and telemarketing world. But, this is only true if you allow it. As you embark on growing an existing business, starting a telemarketing business, or if you are working as an employee at a company, you will…
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What We Won’t Sell and Why

As a sales organization, we can share many stories of services and products that companies want us to represent. Some quite funny actually. Like the company that wanted us to sell a pouch that connects to a bong so you can carry your “bong” and "lighter" in the same pouch always ready to be used.…
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I’m so busy, busy, busy. Productive?? | B2B Appointment Setting Services That Work

B2B Appointment Setting For Your Busy, Busy, Busy Schedule The best account managers are busy.  Average account managers are busy and below average account managers are busy.  Everybody is busy, busy, busy.If everybody is busy, why isn't everybody as productive as the best account managers?  Unfortunately, it's obvious that the busy account managers who aren't…
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Why the COO of Chick-Fil-A “Dan Cathy”, says you should eat at McDonalds

Appointment Setting Services and Industry News I had the opportunity to hear Dan Cathy, COO of Chick-Fil-A  speak at a business breakfast, and he actually requested that the audience patronize McDonald's.  I admire Chick-Fil-A, their corporate culture and values. McDonalds's is actually a competitor in some of the food products that Chick-Fil-A sells. This is mostly in…
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