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Downsizing of Lowes & Home Deport opens opportunities

In recent news (Aug 2019), Lowe's publicized it was laying off store workers who handle certain maintenance and product assembly tasks as the home-improvement chain continues to cut costs in a bid to boost profits. The chain confirmed that it is moving to outsource assemblers and facility services to allow Lowe’s store associates to spend…
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A few opportunities wearables present to health insurers, providers, and employers

For companies that are in the wearables health and wellness industry providing programs for employers that help employees be more conscious of their health,  opportunities exists for these businesses to expand via technology solutions, apps and wearables that track employees current health status.After a shaky start, wearables have gained traction in healthcare, with US consumer…
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Venture Capital flowing into Dental Products

Venture capital money is starting to flow into dental products. As many know, most employer covered dental insurance plans are lacking. Most plans will cover just the basics, i.e. a yearly set of full mouth x-rays, two teeth cleanings per year and a somewhat discounted rate sheet for any major work, that includes filling and…
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Malls Pursue Lesser Known Stores

Malls across America are facing challenges as a result of the closing of many big box stores (Sears, Kmart) who are on life support.  Additionally, the decrease in retail footprints (smaller stores, Best Buy, Wal-Mart) are having major impacts on mall owners.  Malls can't rent larger spaces.  Meanwhile, malls still have to pay mortgages and…
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