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OTT-Over the Top advertising-ROKU-HULU-Pluto TV

If you’re a “cut the cord” person, you no longer subscribe to cable TV or satellite TV. You’re also familiar with devices like Roku, ChromeCast, Amazon FireStick. For those who are not familiar with these products, they are the devices that stream content (shows) to your TV, laptop, IPAD or mobile devices. They are the…
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Will working remotely be the new way of working?

Working Remotely Due to the pandemic, working remotely has grown significantly in the United States and other counties as well. The V shape growth of this type of work occurred not because it was planned, but was primarily due to the shutdown of businesses across the U.S. Employees have been told to stay home, shelter…
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Pandemic makes companies move faster on automation, will cost jobs

The surprise of the pandemic has had some unexpected consequences, it has moved the needle on automation for businesses. Many businesses were in the process of implementing some automation processes or were finishing up plans to implement it in the near future  As businesses re-open slowly across the country, many employers are facing challenges in luring…
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Why You Want to Outsource Sales when Buying a Company

Sales outsourcing is a technique that’s practiced by a lot of businesses these days. Not only does it help them run their business more efficiently, but it also allows them to delegate specific tasks to experts. This, in return, allows them to save a lot of time and allocate that time to other aspects of…
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