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Pandemic makes companies move faster on automation, will cost jobs

The surprise of the pandemic has had some unexpected consequences, it has moved the needle on automation for businesses. Many businesses were in the process of implementing some automation processes or were finishing up plans to implement it in the near future  As businesses re-open slowly across the country, many employers are facing challenges in luring…
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Why You Want to Outsource Sales when Buying a Company

Sales outsourcing is a technique that’s practiced by a lot of businesses these days. Not only does it help them run their business more efficiently, but it also allows them to delegate specific tasks to experts. This, in return, allows them to save a lot of time and allocate that time to other aspects of…
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Lead Generation Challenges: How to Beat Them and Boost Sales

Struggling to get new clients? If you’re a B2B company having difficulty with lead generation, you’re not alone. There are some specific challenges that come with the territory, but they can be overcome, if you know what you’re doing. Leadership Expectations One of the biggest problems for companies is the disconnect between those in senior…
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The Impact of New Technology on Sales Prospecting

Current tech sales prospecting strategies have to take current software solutions into account in order to be successful. No matter what industry you're in – from software to healthcare – you simply can't underestimate the role that technology plays. If your company is interested in maximizing prospects, here are some tools you should consider using:…
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