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The Impact of New Technology on Sales Prospecting

Current tech sales prospecting strategies have to take current software solutions into account in order to be successful. No matter what industry you're in – from software to healthcare – you simply can't underestimate the role that technology plays. If your company is interested in maximizing prospects, here are some tools you should consider using:…
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Amazon and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have seen an increase in Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat bots with pre-programmed responses to consumers on the B2C side. Personal experiences communicated to us from clients, friends and end users reveal that for easy tasks, Artificial Intelligence for customer service interactions and overall process automation is generally ok. But, when the chatbots are presented…
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Follow This Process to Get More Conversations-Research based

Outbound prospecting can be challenging for many. Identifying the right verticals/industries to focus on and who the decision makers are for your offering (can be a few), getting the best data and connecting with them all are moving pieces within the sales process. Assuming you have all these questions answered and you feel with certainty…
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Tech Tools for Outside Sales Reps

  When you're an outside sales rep doing b2b sales or trying to set b2b appointments with decision makers, or are a one-man show or part of a larger sales team, having the right technology will give you the advantage you need to produce and stay organized in the field. Tech tools for sales reps…
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