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Tech Tools for Outside Sales Reps

  When you're an outside sales rep doing b2b sales or trying to set b2b appointments with decision makers, or are a one-man show or part of a larger sales team, having the right technology will give you the advantage you need to produce and stay organized in the field. Tech tools for sales reps…
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These Responses to Overcoming objections closed 20 more sales

Let's keep this simple and short. Many companies who want to close more sales, want tactics to overcoming objections. We like tactics and strategy combined. We also like the rhythm and cadence of both. But tactics can get you some nice hits. Here you go Not Interested-I figured you would say that. Most of the…
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Selling is not a dirty word: How to sell without the negative stereotype

Selling is the life blood of the business environment. Here, we explore top tips to become a successful sales person within your company helping you to realize that it's not a dirty word; it’s client development. The first step towards becoming a confident sales person is to get comfortable with the idea of selling. What…
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12 Methods for Closing a Sale

  Like any game there are rules to selling, especially when it comes to closing a sale. Here are a dozen methods for sealing the deal. These tips can be used in-front of the customer or on the phone, modify as you see fit. Remain seated.The saying goes, present the product, service or idea on…
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