What I think about Persistent Sales People

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You noticed that I said persistent not PUSHY. There is a movement in the sales arena about “letting customers close themselves”, or “don't follow-up regularly” or “if they are interested they will get back to you”. Sound familiar?

With the risk of upsetting some of my colleagues in the sales industry, I say that people who say this are SOFT, wishy washy, flimflam salespeople. It’s so easy to let the prospect off the hook and to let them take control of the sales process. It is our JOB to move the prospect forward.

Be persistent in follow-up. Whether it is weekly or every other week. Get the prospect to commit to the next step. That will be the next time you will call, or meet again, or place them on the schedule for a follow-up contact/email.

Many sales people deal with head trash, whereby, they think they are being PUSHY. This is usually not the case for most professional sales people. If you are getting the prospect to agree to a follow-up schedule and you are executing on that, then you are doing your job.

Keep them moving.

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