Does Cold Calling Work?

cold-calling-companiesI was reading a business blog and I came across a well written article asking about the success of cold calling in business today. I decided to post an answer and here it is. Hopefully, this will help you sort through all the noise created by the less successful cold calling companies and their unfortunate clients.

As an organization who works with many different companies, I have seen many examples of cold calling having phenomenal results. I have also seen it fail spectacularly! That's why we're different than many cold calling companies.

There seems to be a current trend to label all cold calling as pointless. This is a popular myth and one that I believe people are keen to buy into as they never liked cold calling in the first place.

I have read some of these solutions which say that cold calling companies are a waste of funding and don't work. I add that not only would cold calling companies and their programs be ineffective in many markets, but also that many of the techniques would not be allowed to be used by individual salespeople within a company, in any case.

Great cold calling companies can be very effective, however, certain conditions need to be in place.

Here are 5 conditions for cold calling to make more sales or appointments.

1. The cold caller needs to be knowledgeable in their products, the market place and the benefits that their solution can provide for the client. Value Proposition is the key.

2. The cold caller needs to be positive about cold calling. No-one likes cold calls from someone who doesn't want to be there!

3. The cold call needs to be targeted and specific. This requires a system which effectively warms up the cold call. This would mean a cold call becoming a tepid call, a tepid call becoming a warm call, a warm call becoming a hot call and a hot call becoming a sizzling call.

4. The cold caller needs to be well-trained and coached so that they project a credible business persona and can deliver valuable business benefits for clients.

5. The call needs to be respectful and allow the client to "choose" whether the cold call adds value or not.

Finally, no business should be a one-trick pony. If cold calling is your only method of winning business your business is flawed. Every business should utilize and leverage different ways of prospecting for new clients.

As a salesperson your job is to leverage the most effective of these for growing your business.

In summary, well thought out and targeted cold calling strategies which are implemented by great sales professionals can be a powerful and important addition to your client acquisition strategies. In many industries they will be the most effective and efficient way of winning new prospects other than referrals.

Hope this helps you. Please be careful when evaluating cold calling companies. If you're concerned or something doesn't feel right, any of the better cold calling companies will listen. Still worried? Then contact us and let's figure out whether cold calling is right for your business. We'll be honest because there's no value in delivering services where they aren't going to be successful. Most cold calling companies don't practice this philosophy. That's why we're different and worth your time to learn more.

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