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Pass-Fail-appointment-setting-servicesIs this stuff really working? Sometime you have to wonder. For example, we often wonder how well our appointment setting services are working for our clients.

The majority of companies align marketing programs, but few believe their efforts are successful. Just like the appointment setting services example from above, you have to track things to know they're working. Each month we talk with clients that use our appointment setting services to ensure they're getting what they paid for. The same should be true of any marketing campaign.

From Facebook to the phone book to ebooks, companies hardly lack available marketing channels.

But as companies disseminate budget and resources across multiple ad formats and channels, it becomes paramount for internal stakeholders to integrate messaging, programs and ad measurement to ensure a concentrated brand experience across mediums.

Findings from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) show companies are integrating key elements of their marketing programs, particularly their messaging, launch dates and select marketing data. When you start an appointment setting services campaign, you should consider integrating the tactic across your other sales and marketing efforts. For example, consistent messaging can be used by agents from the outsourcing firm you hire for your appointment setting services campaign.

Companies were most likely to integrate messaging across channels (93.4%) and coordinate the launch of marketing channels (88.6%), indicating the perceived importance of presenting unified messaging across channels. Read more here.

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