Get Rid of Head Trash and Market your business by doing what others WON’T!

I had a conversation with a business owner last week who asked me how we have grown our Sales Outsourcing and B2B telemarketing business over the past 5 years to double digit growth in the South, INC 5000 status “3” years in a row and national recognition as a sales organization, here’s what I said.

Defy conventional wisdom and do what others in your industry are afraid to do or won’t do to market your business. For example, very few web development firms use coordinated and professional B2B telemarketing.  Here's a list of common things we did to get our name out there:

  • If your competitors are not using video, than you should;
  • If you competitors are not doing e-mail campaigns, then you should;
  • If you competitors are not  providing give-aways, then you should;
  • If you competitors are not providing low cost entry points, then you should;
  • If you competitors are not doing direct mail, then you should;

You get the picture?  Just because others are not doing it, is precisely the reason you should.

I was asked, but what will the marketplace, my competitors or my potential clients think of what I am doing to grab their attention.  Won’t that diminish my service. Boulder-DASH!

My response was this is your head trash.

It does not matter. What you are doing is getting prospects to raise their hands to you, so you can reach out and engage them. We know and leverage this everyday in our B2b telemarketing practice.  People have different triggers and you are touching all of them by defying conventional wisdom and providing different was for them to engage. Whether that’s responding to an e-mail, a low cost offer, or a give-away, you are providing a gateway to a conversation that leads to a pitch and to closed sales.

Our sales outsourcing and B2B telemarketing organization has defied conventional wisdom by growing in a down economy and has done this by doing the opposite of what others are doing. We implement these strategies for ourselves and for our client’s.

Don’t listen to the naysayers; they are stuck in their own reality show, which is not on your channel. You want success, then be different. It does work. But you have to get rid of the head trash.

Now go do likewise.

Gil Pagan
Lease A Sales Rep
919-851-0783 x15

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