Data Restoration via Tape Back-up is gaining steam

You read this right. In the current environment of data breaches within organizations and concerns of continued cloud breaches (Equifax) and the at risk cloud hosted services of (AWS) and others, coupled with the proliferation of ransomware, some CIO/CTO’s are going back to using tape!
Remember when taped back-up was on a reel to reel? You young folks may not remember that. Me neither. Then it went to smaller reel to reel, then tapes, then digital format, then portable hard drives and then thumb drives.
Remember that old sweater that was in vogue, then became outdated, then came back in vogue again?
How about cell phones? We went from the large brick cellphones (Wall Street-The Movie) to flip phones, to small I-Phones then to Samsung Notes? Or Phablets.
How about small light weight laptops with small screens? Now we are lugging ones around with 17” screens.
The concern for many with hosting in the cloud, and also keeping data on site via a web connection or some other web connected location are concerns over data breaches and the threat of ransomware.
The move for some to taped back-up allows them to restore some data quickly. Tapes also can last 30 years, and are small enough to store off site at the fraction of the cost of some cloud service providers.
Sure, some of the restored data on tapes may be old, by a few weeks or a month. But it can be helpful in getting you back up and operational quickly while you deal with another possible data breach.
What’s old is new, what’s new becomes old. Small to big. Big to small. Cloud to digital back to tape. Save your old 8 tracks and cassettes and vinyl records.
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