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Today, my 2nd son, team played in the semi-finals. This is in the  Cary, NC,  Teen Basketball League. They came up against a team that was undefeated, with a record of 13-0.

Gabriel’s team was 10-4.  The Seminoles who were 13-0 came into the game with the hope of advancing into the finals. They came up against the Terps, my son's team, who were more “HUNGRY” to win than they were.
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The losing team, although very good, because of their 13-0 record assumed & took for granted, that they were going to win. They stayed with their same game plan, and did not change it to reflect the circumstances and team they were facing. Nevertheless, they lost and the Terp’s won (40-33).  As a dad, I was elated and happy for Gabriel.

The business analogy here is if you are on top, be prepared to change your strategy, on the dime.  If you are behind, i.e. competitors are challenging you, stay focused, change you’re strategy, and you will get them on an off day. The Seminoles did not change their strategy and had an off day. So the Terps came out ahead.

Always be ready to change the game plan.

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