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Outbound Telemarketing Services and Industry News About Our Growing Economy

It was announced yesterday that Gilead Sciences Inc. will buy hepatitis C drug developer Pharmasset Inc. in a cash deal valued at about $11 billion that Gilead officials said is a "strong strategic fit. What does this mean?

This acquisition coupled with major investments in other companies by multiple firms, confirm that CEO's are comfortable where the economy is going. Deals are happening because of excess liquidity in the marketplace. Organizations are seeking places to invest their dollars. Combine this information with stronger retail sales, decreasing applications for unemployment benefits and a growing economy, the U.S. economic engine is moving forward.

All this data will hit Wall Street later, with a rallying stock market, but it could be months before the mass market sees it. Businesses on the ground see these changes first. We are on the ground.

Consumer and business orders are up, consumer spending is up, people are traveling more. Discretionary business spending is up in education, catering and holiday parties.

Focus on the business and opportunities in hand. Move now. Invest now. Grab market share. And, if you find that your company is having a hard time with these ideas, we'd love a chance to speak to you about our outbound telemarketing services. We have proven case studies that show how our outbound telemarketing services can increase your leads, appointments and sales. Give us a call today and lets put a plan together.

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