Electronic Spring Cleaning

technology sales outsourcingWhen you think of spring cleaning you probably think of physically cleaning out your home or office. We envision bins of recycling and trash being carted away, freeing up our space for the coming months. It’s important to also do some spring cleaning electronically as well. While you’re not going to trip over the clutter there, it can trip you up without you even realizing it. Having too many files causes our computers to run slower and can keep us from easily locating the information that we need, when we need it.

It’s a good idea to take some time to review your file management system and tweak it. Do you have multiple copies of the same document saved? Keep the most recent and get rid of the rest. This eliminates the possibility of sending someone the wrong draft. Have any information that you know you’re not going to need? Delete! Even when it’s related to a long forgotten project, we often that we should save data in case that situation arises again. If it does, it’s unlikely that we’ll remember or be able to locate our notes, number one. Two, chances are good that there will be newer, better ways to solve this problem anyway and we’d be better off looking into those solutions as opposed to basing our decisions on recycled, outdated research.

Your contact list could probably use a good review as well. Weed out contact info for anyone that you know has changed jobs. If you keep bad numbers you won’t be able to reach the person that you want, and you could even run into bigger problems by providing the incorrect information to others. It’s far better to admit that you don’t know how to get in touch with someone than it would be to send a coworker on a wild goose chase.

Speaking of contacts, your prospect list should be kept uncluttered as well. Review the contacts that have transitioned into customers and those that are still sitting in the pipeline. This is a great time to look for reasons why those individuals haven’t progressed. Do they need more time? More attention? Are you speaking with the right person within the company?

It can start to feel overwhelming, particularly if you start to realize that you have a ton of contacts that you have been lax in following up with.

If you have more leads or customers than you can handle, outsourcing might be the answer. Nothing clears a backlog quite like bringing in some additional help. What makes technology sales outsourcing such a viable solution is that it allows you to get the support you need, for the length of time that you need it, without all the headaches of adding additional staff. If you have more customers or leads than you can handle, you probably don’t have time to interview and train new sales people. You'll only be falling farther and farther behind. If you want to hit the ground running and get caught up quickly, outsourcing is for you!

Superior Technology Sales Outsourcing

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