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Sales rep time is very valuable. There are but so many hours in the day to prospect for new meat and follow-through on the prospects that you already have in your pipeline (cooking on the grill).

Here are some quick ideas on how to get more results from your efforts:

1. Focus on your productive prospecting activities. Stay away from administrative work that is not prospect oriented. Like database clean-up.

2. Qualify prospects quickly. If they don't meet your criteria, or you have a sense they may not be the right fit for your offering, move on. You are right most of the time. Don't waste your time.

3. Ask for the appointment on the 1st call if that is what you need to do. You will get it 50% of the time. Giving you more time to prospect for new meat.

4. Update your CRM with all notes and conversations with prospects. This is good for data purposes later. How many touch points to close etc. This is good admin work.

5. Cut unproductive chat in your sales environment with others and keep it very minimal with the prospect.

6. Group your emails and calls. Like calling from 9am-12pm, emails from 1-2pm, calls from 3-4pm., 4-5pm pipeline follow-ups and other stuff. Don't get distracted with other e-mails on other issues. Do them later.

7. Have non-negotiable power calling times. The 9-12pm slot is etched in stone.

All Appointment Setting Companies Are Not The Same

We actually care about our clients and want to make them more money. Some appointment setting companies are just looking to drain their accounts dry and produce enough to get by. We want you to win win win. When that happens, everyone is happy happy happy!

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