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proactive b2b appointment settingI want to distinguish proactive selling from reactive selling and illustrate the techniques and benefits associated with proactive selling. For example, we focus heavily on proactive tactics when delivering our B2B appointment setting services.

Are you getting a no's bleed from customers saying no too often? That's funny isn't it? Get it?

Try asking questions that can't be answered with a no. Try proactive selling. Again, as an example, we train the folks delivering our B2B appointment setting services to understand how to ask questions that could only be answered with a specific response or a yes.

Here is Reactive Selling

Much of the time, we adopt a reactive posture with our customers. We  lob a statement or benefit over the fence and wait for the customers to respond to the statement or benefit. Then we react to their response. If you do this when working with potential new client or while working through B2B appointment setting activities, your response is going to be very limited. Reactive statements include:

I'm calling to see if there is anything we can help you with today. Lob and wait. The response usually is usaully no, not today. Thank you.  Our reaction is Well, if something comes up.

Last week I sent you our rate card and I'm following up to see if you have received it.  Lob...wait... The response usually is Yep. But I dont need anything. or  I don't remember. Our reaction is Well, if something comes up.

At the very best, many reactive sales calls end with the rep-not the customer doing something. Reactive sales calls result in the rep sending literature or setting up another phone call.

With reactive sales calls, you give up control of the conversation and reduce the possibility of making something happen.

Proactive Selling | How we engage clients in regards to our B2B appointment setting program.

Bring the customer into the conversation with an open-ended but specific question:

How familiar are you with Lease A Sales Rep?

How familiar are you with our B2B Appointment Setting service?

How familiar are you with our Lead Generation Service?

This question should be targeted towards the customer needs but can be very effective for cold-calling as well. You retain control over the conversation and build the opportunity to qualify the customer.

In General

Dont forget to:

Begin each call with a specific Initial Value Statement.

Confirm that you are speaking with the decision-maker. Are you the one who makes the decision to buy/sell?

Ask if this is a good time to talk for a few minutes.

If the customer has done business with your company, thank them for their business.

And Finally:

Proactive selling wont work for everyone and wont work all the time. But when you are feeling like you are getting a no's bleed (get it?), try proactive selling.

Hope this helps you. If you are getting no's bleed, then give us a call. We will give you a tissue, and help.

Talk to you soon.

Gilbert Pagan
Lease A Sales Rep

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