Great follow-up is not desperation

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What is a good follow-up protocol?

I’m so glad you asked!  It starts when a prospect raises their hand and tells us via direct communication, email or social media that they have interest in a service offering or product that we are selling.

When that prospect connects with us, we place them on a regular follow-up schedule (our protocol) after we have had an initial discussion or some other form of communication (email/social media).  We are so good at this, that it often comes as a surprise to those that we are communicating with that it can be misinterpreted as desperation. Don’t get it twisted.

On the other hand, people have gotten so accustomed to weak sales people that they are surprised when someone does follow-up regularly, so surprised that they don’t know how to react, or know what it looks like. Oh My….

We typically follow-up with prospects within 24 hours, sometimes sooner when they have expressed interest. Then, if we do not connect with them, they fall into our good follow-up protocol that is consistent, targeted and spread out. When we do connect, we will get them on a decision making track or push them out of our funnel for later follow-up.

Remember, do not confuse good follow-up with desperation, it may be that you have not seen what a great salesperson does, so it may be alien to you. Not your fault.

So follow-up with your prospects and don’t be afraid. Be a leader and stand out from the pack.

Close-em HARD, FAST & OFTEN!

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