Growth in the Economy | B2B Telemarketing Facts

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Growth in the Economy | B2B Telemarketing Facts

In 2012, Corporate America is strong, companies are growing, the stock market is up. S&P 500 companies are making more money today than in the last 5 years. 2-3 trillion dollars of excess cash on the books in large enterprises. Unemployment is going down.

Over the last 2 quarters of this past year, we as a nation have focused on minute factors and information about certain aspects of the economy. It seems we are most concerned with the likes of gas and food prices. These are important issues to families and needs to be addressed.

But, the big picture is we are growing and overall. As a country, we are better than we were 2 years ago. The real issue is the uncertainty. If you remove the uncertainty, confidence increases, money moves from the sidelines, businesses invest and continue to hire, and we have a BOOM!

We specialize in removing the uncertainty your prospects have about buying your products or services. Our B2B telemarketing services consists of many options to take your company to the next level. B2B telemarketing from L.A.S.R. can be as simple as following up with your trade show leads or you contract our sales force to put feet on the street. We have packages to meet your needs and more. How about giving us a call when you are read to get the sales numbers back into the black and grow your company.

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