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How many meetings should your sales reps be securing on a weekly or monthly basis. This is a question we often get from those seeking to gather insight into quotas and sales rep production.

There are a few variables: How large is the ticket item or contract value. Generally, you should be managing quotas on a weekly basis, Meetings held per week is a great metric for sales development reps (SDR’s), it will tell you which rep is bringing the most customers to the door. It’s important that this is reviewed weekly, as reps may have a few bad days, but you should not have bad weeks. Sales development in mature products and industries is a weekly business. New products and start-ups tend to get dicey and the metrics are more challenging.

So a full-time rep that’s doing “other stuff” in his /her day (could be proposals/field visits/follow-ups) should be securing about 24 leads per month, that leads to 12 meetings per month or 3 per week. That will translate into 6 opportunities (viable) and potentially 2 sales per month (active buying cycle). This applies to tickets @ 1-10K. As the tickets get larger, the numbers may decrease. Additionally, verticals and who you are selling to, will also affect these numbers.

Getting to the 12 meetings, 6 opportunity’s and 2 sales requires a strategy of multiple touches, focused verticals, and targeting decision makers.

This is data directly from our organization with multiple data points factoring in industry data.

Hope this helps in your business building activities.

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