How To Generate Leads: 5 Strategies and Techniques


Leads generate potential customers. The more you have, the more revenue you can expect.
This is something you should know about. So, how do you generate leads?
#1 Conferences
Visiting conferences is definitely a great way of generating leads. It’s the place where you can reach your potential customers.confernce-shot
I’ll give you two tips how to generate leads from conferences.
  1. Let’s assume that you’re selling content marketing software. Ask the organizer for the list of people who are attending the conference. Then open attendees’ blogs and check out if there is a space for improving the blog with your app.
  2. Another way of leveraging conferences is to get speaking time. You can present yourself as an expert, and you can share your date full of interesting facts, graphs, and charts. If you have something new, fresh and unique, you can expect to chat with those in attendance.
#2 Newsletters
Newsletters are terrific for marking your company as an industry leader. You’ll be seen as an authoritative when you regularly send newsletters to your customers. However, you need to write a blog with valuable information and send it to people who subscribed to your list, as well.
To stay motivated, keep in mind that compared to other digital marketing channels, email marketing has the greatest
Why would someone give you an email? You have to give them a reason to sign up, and that reason is a valuable piece of content like a free eBook, or newsletter.
#3 Direct Emails
When you’re thinking about sending direct emails, know that all big companies are doing it because it’s cheap and effective, but above all, because email marketing is the most important marketing channel.
Depending on the type of business, you can search the web to find your contacts, or use sites like or CrunchBase to get bigger lists where you can search for companies related your industry.
One way or another, you should also use quality Saas apps for outreach. You should look at,, and
At this point, you should also think about follow-up. They increase the chances of converting a customer. On average, only 20-30% will open your email but if you follow-up them, you’ll increase the open rate, and get more conversions
One more thing. Don’t forget to be very careful because nobody wants to be marked as a spammer.
#4 Facebook Ads
This is your solution for easy targeting. For example, using Facebook ads you can know that your potential client:
  • comes from California
  • use FB payments and spend higher than average
  • is a business traveler
  • has the income between $75,000 and $125,000
The best part is that you can simply target those users in Audience Insights.
#5 SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The best thing about SEO is that you’re investing in long-term benefits.
It takes time and patience, but if you do it right you will reach the desired traffic.
If you play smart, SEO will definitely increase your organic traffic which means leads are coming in. The best thing about SEO is long-tail keywords.
Long-tail keywords stand for phrases that contain 4 or more words. For example, email marketing is not a long-tail keyword, but email marketing for the small business owner is.
The beautiful part about long-tail keywords is that they have a high probability of conversion. It’s absolutely logical since more words in a phrase means the prospects intent is more specific.
Long-tail keyword research has never been easier since we have a lot of different tools like Ubersuggest
When you have a good traffic, the hard part is over and opportunities are limitless. SEO will make your leads skyrocket. Trust me, focus on writing a blog using proper long-tail keywords, and you will see benefits over the time.
In this blog post, We’ve shown you some of the ways to generate leads.
It’s not an easy job, especially for new businesses and there are no shortcuts, but at the end of the day, if you work hard, you’ll see how your leads and conversions increase.
For us, the key thing is to be creative since digital marketing success is nothing but the mix of art and science. Creativity helps you to collect leads in different ways and forms, but science helps you to measure the success.
Let us know if there is something we should have mentioned. Share your thoughts.
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