Recent reports have revealed that vinyl records sold more units than CDs in 2022, according to a year-end report from the Recorded Industry Association of America.

The connection we are making with B2B appointments and this news report is that the phone is a crucial part of making an appointment with a decision maker. The tools that have been ignored and avoided by many as they have gotten lazy using  email and social media as a driver to prospecting is the connection with vinyl records. You see, vinyl sales went down but still existed to music purists. The phone still existed to hard core sales people. Many still listened to CD’s and digital music, while appreciating vinyl.  They never left vinyl. We never gave up the phone.  

We have said all along that the phone, in addition to email, social, texting and other tools work well together. Some people are getting tired of digital music and want to go back to vinyl. Sales via live communication i.e. phone work has been active for years. But many have gotten comfortable not using the phone and quite frankly are afraid to call as they have been conditioned due to years of not calling for prospects, they’re afraid. They want an email, social or software to set up the appointment. 

These methods do work to some extent, but work much better (60% more appointments) when you add a phone call to set up that B2B appointment with an interested decision maker. See it now?

So go buy a vinyl record, you many need to buy a player as well. But also start using the phone. Were sure you have one of those. Or let us set up the B2B appointment for you. Call us or complete a form and we’ll reach out.