INC5000 Recognition is Humbling:-You can do it.

resolutions for our sales outsourcing companyAs I sit in our NYC office at 7:00am composing this post to my friends, followers and business collaborators, it is Rosh Hashanah. For the non-religious it’s just another day, but for the Jewish people it’s the beginning of a new year, a new season with new blessings. It’s like New Years Day for the non-religious and the nation. It's a time I can sit back and realize what our sales outsourcing company has become.

Whatever your religious or non religious affiliations are, it’s irrelevant at this point, as to where I am going.

New beginnings reflect old issues that have dragged you down personally and in your business are gone. Do not harbor on past failures, past efforts, past mistakes. Take this approach on your business and life and see how things start to turn around for you.

I was at the INC5000 conference in Maryland last week, and it was an amazing feeling. Not because we made the fastest growing companies list again (2009* 2010) but because the people in the room, entrepreneurs & powerful speakers were not paying attention to the news outside the conference center about the economy, jobs, possible downturn; blah, blah, blah. New beginnings. This is particularly important for our sales outsourcing company.

The roads that I am driving on are packed, traffic everywhere, high end cars, BMW’s, Lexus, Benz, you name it. Those people are going somewhere, doing something. There is money $$$$ to be made out there, and lots of it! That is the new blessing, it's available to you.

CEO’s, managers, marketers you name it 10,000 people I think, were in attendance. All were all hiring, growing, expanding, going international. You said what?  Oh yeah, hiring, growing, expanding.

Ignore the talking heads (TV/Radio), they get paid to drive ratings and justify their existence.

We (business people) are focused on the business at hand. Making more calls, speaking to more people, attending more events, expanding our marketing budgets, getting creative, grabbing market share from our competitors as they retreat into their caves. That's right this is a trait that makes our sales outsourcing company different.

Those who know me personally know that I preach “focus”. Be focused on the task at hand. Lay out the plan, mediate on it (for me it’s pray) and then execute. It’s all about execution. Most people have issues here. Great ideas, great enthusiasm, great opportunity, but fail at the execution.  Don’t worry about people taking your ideas, 98% will do absolutely nothing.

The INC5000 recognition is humbling, but it is attainable for anybody in any business. The key is to let go of the past, focus on the future, be open to new beginnings and blessings, and stay on the path. Sounds hokey.  But it works.

Some of the big players that have made the list in the past the CISCO, Microsoft, SAS of the world,  have nothing on you. They started somewhere, and executed. They are not any smarter then you, the only common point they have with each other is that they remained focused and worked harder than everybody else.

Step up, go get what is yours, and make it happen. This is where our sales outsourcing company can help.

If you need me, give me a call. I will help you get there.

Now let’s get some deals DONE!

Gilbert Pagan
Lease A Sales Rep

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