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Jobs - Economy Humming | Sales Outsourcing Services and News

In November 2011, many jobs were created an indication that the economy is humming. Not growing as fast as we would like, but still growing. Unemployment is decreasing.

We wanted to focus on 3 major numbers that caught our attention. They are the some of the private sector job numbers. The numbers are not large, but they reveal other important movements in the economy.

Professional and Business Services 33,000 jobs
Hospitality and Restaurants 22,000 jobs
Healthcare 17,000 jobs

Professional and business services are used by businesses. These represent staffing businesses, consultants, training, accounting and other services. If these sectors are hiring, this means they are getting more business. So their clients are hiring more vendors. Dollars are being spent.

The hospitality and restaurant sector jobs created are industries that are affected by discretionary dollars. They are hiring. This means that consumers and business are traveling, eating out, booking parties, securing hotel rooms and ballrooms for conferences etc. get the picture?

The growth in healthcare jobs, a growing sector in most economic times, indicates that more people are getting covered by insurance. Which means they have jobs.

Our suggestion is to read into the numbers to figure out what they mean and how they will affect your business. When you hear negative news, balance that out with the positive.

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