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Telemarketing Tips | K.I.S.S. Keep it Simple SON

When the Google guys Sergey Brin and Larry Page, walked into Sequoia Capital to seek funding for their new search-engine technology, they described their company in one sentence: "Google provides access to the world's information in one click". That's fifty-two letters, 10 words. An early investor in Google stated that with these 10 words, the investors immediately understood the implications of Google's technology. Since that day, entrepreneurs who walk into Sequoia Capital have been asked for their "one-liner", a headline that describes the product in a single sentence.

As one investor told me, "If you cannot describe what you do in 10 words or less, I'm not investing, I'm not buying, I'm not interested, Period".

Here are a few examples:

Starbucks creates a third place between home and work. "CEO-Howard Schultz"

We see a PC on every desk, in every home. "Bill Gates-CEO-Microsoft"

Now go do likewise. We like to keep it simple. We do not approach your markets with smoke and mirrors. We do not try to bamboozle your potential new clients. We would never pull the rug out from under old and cold customers. What we will do is use tried and tested sales techniques that targets respect. As one of the top telemarketing firms in the nation, we believe in doing things the right way. That way everyone wins. Call us today and learn more about all of our amazing contract sales force services.

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