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We’re the wholesale car dealer, marketing and sales division of an INC 5000 company, working exclusively with independent retail car dealerships to drive traffic to your lot and find you good inventory at a fair price. We search nationwide for vehicles in good condition, buying from multiple sources and consumers and sell those cars to you. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to find it for you. With our sales arm, we help dealers follow-up with consumers who show up to test drive cars, and connect with those buyers who just come by to browse. We set hard and confirmed appointments with active buyers for your sales teams. All they need to do is close the sale! We work across the U.S.

We own a car dealership and run car dealer marketing programs for our own dealership. With that experience, we can drive more more buyers to your lot. We don’t do retail.

We are perfectionists and document all consumer interactions, get their email addresses and phone numbers for further follow-up. This allows you to build a list and market to them, whether they buy from you today or don’t. You get all the data we collect! You can, through your own marketing efforts stay in front of them, so when they’re ready to buy again, you’re there.

We have a staffed marketing and sales department that will help drive traffic to your dealership to sell more cars.

We can manage your online business, process your calls, call old customers and set appointments with those customers to come to your dealership for a test drive! We will follow-up with customers who visit your lot. Making sure we help them make a decision about the best car that meets their needs. We will document all these conversations.

We are clear communicators who make decisions FAST and work well with those dealers that want to increase sales. Call us to help you find more quality inventory, as well, using our teams to connect with sellers and get them to sell their cars to YOU!