We are a wholesale car dealership working exclusively with retail car dealers and other wholesalers to find the best vehicles across the U.S. at the best price and in the best condition.

We take orders from our dealer network and search for the vehicles you want on your lots that sell FAST!

We are perfectionists and look for cars that run well, present well and sell those cars to our dealers. But sometimes, we will get less than perfect cars, with good mileage and will sell those at great prices.

We have a marketing and sales department that will help drive traffic to your dealership to sell more cars.

We can manage your online business, process your calls and set appointments with customers to come to your dealership for a test drive!  We will follow-up with customers who visit your lot.  Many dealers do not do this!

We are clear communicators who make decisions FAST and work well with those dealers that want to increase sales.