Many business face lead generation challenges. Struggling to get new clients? If you’re a B2B company having difficulty with lead generation, you’re not alone. There are some specific challenges that come with the territory, but they can be overcome, if you know what you’re doing.

Leadership Expectations

One of the biggest problems for companies is the disconnect between those in senior management and the marketers on the ground. Those in management may feel it’s fine to continue with older methods, the same way they’ve always done, but that isn’t always ideal.

As a B2B tech company, you need to educate your audience with a focus on senior management. Find out who the decision makers are in the company and help them upgrade their expectations. When they understand how much better their company could run with your products and services, they’ll be more likely to purchase. Education is the key here. Bridge the gap between real world marketing and ideals to ensure your clients get the best results.

Reaching the Right People at the Right Time

You can have the best pitch in the world, but if you pitch it to the wrong person, you gain nothing. You need to build a sales team that will reach the correct people. It does require research and some knowledge of the industry to skip over the gatekeepers that every company has, but a good sales team will do exactly that. Most larger B2B purchases are made by 3-5 decision makers, so you need to get your pitch in front of those key people.
Ideally, your contract sales team will consist of both inside sales (those making the contact remotely) and outside sales (sales people reaching out face to face). The inside sales team will reach the people making purchase decisions and can arrange a meeting with the outside sales team. We call this combined effort, a hybrid sales approach. However, timing is essential. You want to reach them just at that critical point when they need your product or service. That’s the secret sauce, accomplished with some A.I. tools. Do that and you’re nearly guaranteed to make the sale!

Technology Implementation

Tech is always evolving. Every company needs to constantly adjust to new norms in the industry. Unfortunately, there can be a bit of resistance to continually implementing new technology advances, particularly when the older methods seem to work well. This can be challenging when approaching prospects with your products or services. You can run up against the status quo. Typical response is: “let’s keep things the same”.

For your prospects, everything from appointment setting to lead generation to seamless technology outsourcing and sales can be streamlined when you have the latest tech, that’s where you come in.. . . but you need to convince your clients of this fact. It’s certainly a challenge to get them to understand the value of upgrading their technology, so you should focus on the benefits, and how it will make their lives easier, save them time, money or all three.

Need some help with lead generation, inside or outside sales? Contact us today to discuss what you’re working on and how we can help. Our sales outsourcing services could be the right solution for you.