tips-and-tricksOn an annual basis, LinkedIn racks up more than five billion searches. Like all other social networking platforms, there are a set of rules established and an etiquette that comes with being part of this professional network. In other words, it is a relationship building platform with other members, so do not blatantly attempt to sell products or services directly because this approach will not succeed in any form or fashion.

There is a bit of a learning curve to use LinkedIn for business and to generate a substantial amount of leads. We share the best tips and tricks to hitting a grand slam with LinkedIn:

  • Personalizing a professional look on your company business page
  • Personalizing the URL
  • Optimizing anchor text
  • Display samples of work
  • Active networking

Best Practices for Content Marketing

When it comes to social media usage there is a pillar established as part of the engagement on these online channels. And there is an accepted norm that people engage others because they know, like and trust what they have to offer. Meaning they have to offer something that is actionable and has value.

To gain significant visibility you will have to formulate a strategy that works and fulfills the needs of your targeted audience. In the social media space, do not go for a traditional sales pitch because that will lead to no sales, no engagement, no followers and no transactions.

Be authentic, write about what you know or develop an expertise. Furthermore, aim for quality of content instead of quantity. You want to get used to a publishing schedule, so keep in mind an editorial schedule with the best times to publish blog posts on your company’s LinkedIn page. This combination helps effectively spread content across different networks and channels.

Below are some basic and essential steps to include to make your content stand out from the pack when aiming for publishing success:

  • An intriguing headline
  • A visual appealing header
  • Readable and actionable post
  • Consistent publishing schedule
  • Social media monitoring and listening

Avoid at all costs click bait headlines and spamming practices. There is nothing worse than trying to get unnecessary attention instead of creating a meaningful communication with your targeted audience. You can have great content, but without great imagery, you will likely have little to no activity. So include images that are colorful, vibrant and tell a useful story. Your content should be broken up into sections that are easy to read and contain calls to action when appropriate.

You must understand the journey for users online and know when to position those lead capture forms, which will be discussed further. Aside from consistently publishing quality content, monitor every single interaction you have even if it is not a sale. Getting a sense of the sentiment around your brand is incredibly important. Learn to monitor, record and compile conversations that take place around content shared on LinkedIn. This will help in shaping your presence and how well your respond to user inquiries will ultimately lead to more sales.

Successful Ways to Position Content That Result in Conversions and Lead Capture

Getting traffic, engagement, and interest from others on LinkedIn is one part of the equation and the other is conversions or leads. For this, you will have to apply social selling tactics for lead generation.

One powerful tool that LinkedIn has made readily available to its users is the ability to publish articles. This helps target brand advocates, potential customers and industry influencers all from within the same platform. To really target your content marketing use the following places and types of content to share:

  1. LinkedIn Company and Showcase Pages
  2. Whitepapers, eBooks, case studies, industry articles, how-to content.
  3. LinkedIn SlideShare
  4. Company videos and presentations, infographics.
  5. Publishing on LinkedIn
  6. Professional expertise and experiences, lessons learned, industry trends.
  7. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates & Direct Sponsored Content
  8. Company news, blog content, industry news and research, case studies, etc.

Above are the places to maximize your efforts through well-researched content, and it is advisable to pay the upgrade fee. Why? You are better off using the premium account since you will have the ability to create ads (LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and Direct Sponsored Content), lead capture forms on some of the existing extensions of LinkedIn, and network with a larger group of business professionals.

Takeaways and Conclusions

As a result, LinkedIn is a platform with capabilities that comes fully loaded with features and tools to really drum up business. It gives an aspiring or existing professional entity the power to really connect with a social network that is used for business.

It is a great platform for B2B to convert and capture leads. It is also a great marketing tool that is also inexpensive and the software tools come with lead capture forms that require no programming or IT previous experience. So, utilizing LinkedIn for businesses for those seeking to sell or expand operations is a great business opportunity.

Treat every single transaction as an essential interaction with your brand and provide great social media customer service. Utilize appropriate social selling tactics allowed on the platform. You will acquire plenty of knowledge and target opportunities at the right time by using the LinkedIn business tools ready to be deployed.

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