List of Microsoft Acquisitions since 2018-Movere is recent

Microsoft has grown a ferocious appetite for acquisitions and has been on a buying spree to meet their quest to build out and grow Azure, their cloud computing platform in competition with AWS.
Clearing a path to the cloud is a good idea if you want to sell more cloud products.  Given we sell in this space, adding on services helps the cause.
Microsoft recently announced that it has acquired Movere, an 11 year old  Bellevue, Washington-based startup founded in 2008. The SaaS company helped customers plan cloud migrations and continuously optimize, monitor and analyze IT environments. They have a decent customer base and operating history that was attractive to Microsoft.
Here's a list of what Microsoft has acquired since 2018.  If you need to on-board more customers connect with us to discuss how we can help.


Microsoft Acquisitions

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